SBI PO English Language Sample Paper 1

Directions (Q. 1 – Q. 2):Choose the word that is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given in bold as used in the passage.

Question 1:


(a) Protect


(c) Foreign intervention

(d) Refuge

(e) Shield

Question 2:


(a) Complex

(b) Intricate

(c) Worsened

(d) Mixed

(e) Settled

Directions (Q. 3 – Q. 4): Select the word which is most nearly the OPPOSITE in meaning of the word as used in the passage.

Question 3:


(a) Infuse

(b) Detonate


(d) Speed

(e) Boost

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Question 4:


(a) Energetic

(b) Sluggish

(c) Fake

(d) Nutter

(d) Ostensible

Directions (Q. 5- Q. 10): Fill up the blanks with the most suitable word or pair of words from the options given to make a meaningful sentence.

Question 5:

When I am autocratic, I am… in the extreme. My direct method is to… power and control.

(a) technical, explore

(b) objective, develop

(c) dominant, impose

(d) possessive, reject

(d) autocratic, engulf

Question 6:

I am not a___ who easily___ under pressure conditions.

(a) being, looks

(b) pessimist, shatters

(c) manager, getting

(d) force, stimulate

(e) discouraging, surrenders

Question 7:

Books___ the dark clouds of gloom and___ our happiness.

(a) disappear, multiply

(b) fight, make

(c) dispel, increase

(d) hit, instill

(e) looks, find

Question 8:

Coercion sometimes leads to the___ but its drawbacks ____ its advantages.

(a) appreciation, magnify

(b) accomplishment, crumble

(c) route, cost

(d) advantage, short

(e) destination, limit

Question 9:

Professionals focus their____ on fulfilling their responsibilities and achieving results, not on_____ particular image.

(a) planning, devilsing

(b) leadership, attributing

(c) abilities, contributing

(d) forces, framing

(e) skills, obtaining

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Question 10:

Building castles in the air means ______ in daydreams.

(a) indulging


(c) bringing

(d) following

(e) absconding


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